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Pilot The “P” September 25, 2016

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5 Simple & Sexy Habits To Cope With Perimenopause

The dreaded “P” word no woman is looking forward to – Peri-menopause! Nearly every woman makes her way through this the_seven_witches_of_menopause_by_awarenessbeyondart-d60avaxtransitional time and each woman has their own way of making her way through the fiery inferno.  The tricky part is trying to figure out the signs of perimenopause of which they resemble PMS or pregnancy including irritability, tender breast, missed periods and/or migraines.

I experienced my 1st encounter in August, 2016, one month  after my bodybuilding competition show in Pittsburgh, PA in July. Now I’m slightly anemic (not full blown), so I actually like heat or hot weather. I’m not sure how I survived this Chicago weather year after year but I did. This particular heat wave was sort of unusual for me. I begin to feel like my skin was on fire. Then 10 minutes later, I was cold. This went on for 2 weeks until I did a little inspector gadget work. I began to ask a few seasoned women who I assumed has/had gone through this transition and the response from all of them, including my mother, was ” yes dear, welcome to the club or welcome to my world”. I figured, well it’s about that time. I’d just celebrated my 48th birthday and I really wasn’t expecting this. I thought because I’m an athlete, active in the gym/workouts, eat fairly healthy (on-season) and kept my health at bay, I was doing pretty good.

Well after my competition show, I took a break from my vigorous training and strict eating and a month later, the symptoms hit me like an incinerator.  Perimenopause is the transition from more or less cycles of ovulation menstruation towards permanent infertility or menopause and the ovaries are gradually ceasing to produce hormones. This process could go for months or years before menopause. It’s like not having a cycle/period for 12 consecutive months.

After carefully doing my homework to see what I have to look forward to and speaking with some seasoned women in this arena as well as being a Wellness, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, I want to provide you with 7 Simple and Sexy Habits To Cope With Perimenopause.

Ready, Here We Go:

  1. Don’t Eat Your Emotions (Nutrition)
    • During this transition, you easily fall into a depressive state of being and begin to have an excessive amount of cravings (more than the normal cravings) that will contribute to the excessive weight gain. One of the most common cravings are salt and sweet foods. Typically, you will either eat all the wrong/unhealthy foods or not eat at all. This is all based on their emotions. Emotional eating is Dangerous!
  2. Give Stress A New Address
    1. Stress Will Kill You! We live in a face pace world where everything has to be done Right Now! Pressure from you jobs, businesses, family members, children, social groups, your church or organizations and just life in general.  Stress is the body’s reaction to a threaten situation. As you are “going through” this transition, time creeps by you and you will begin to notice you’ve either gained  or lost weight, your sense of being, etc. and all of a sudden you begin to notice you’ve said Yes to everyone else…Except YOU! Stress is definitely Not a habit to add to your daily life while going through this heinous transition. Our Creator has a way of shutting us down if when don’t take the initiative to manage our stress-levels.
  3. Let’s Get Moving (Exercise Regularly)
    • I’m an athlete. You don’t have to go the extreme of having a strict workout and eating regiment as I do.  However, you do need to get moving. Do yourself a favor, don’t just go into the gym or YMCA and walk on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes and then you’re done. Engage in workouts (at your level) that will make a significant impact to getting results. Don’t just go through the motions. Get In Motion – (Time frame: 3-5 days a week).  This includes, proper nutrition, effective cardio and resistance training.
  4. Take Nature Based Supplements
    • I would recommend taking an holistic approach as opposed to getting on tons of medication (but please consult your doctor 1st). Go to you local health food store and look for supplements with the compound similar to the structure of estrogen. A supplement that is proven to reduce the frequency & severity of hot flashes. There are some supplements that can reduce the symptoms by 20-30%
    • Resource: Hot Flash Supplements
  5. Explore
    • Find out what works for You. You may need to do somethings you’ve never considered doing because you didn’t have time and just wasn’t interested. Explore these options to see what works for you to cope with perimenopause:
      • Breathe
      • Be Still
      • Yoga
      • Pilates
      • Stretching
      • More Sex (Bonus rounds) (*:*)


I hope this was helpful and enlightening.  If so pleases comment below and share with both men and women who are going through this life changing transition. I actually have more Sexy and Simple Habits To Cope With Perimenopause but let’s start here for now. Let’s get in control of the driver’s seat and Pilot The “P”!


Cheryl loves empowering, inspiring and igniting Women & Men Over 40+ Years Young to14030715_10210193193245604_779281580_n live and Optimal Wellness Lifestyle. She Caters To The Health Conscious Individuals Who Desires To Re-Think & Implement A Healthy Mindset, Lifestyle, Eating & Healthy Moving To Get Desired Results!

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Cheryl Harris

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Join My F*R*E*E Monday Night Meditation Call! July 28, 2012

The world is a very demanding place. In a face pace world we live in, being busy moms, husbands, wives, parents, care takers and professionals, it is vital we reload and replenish our mindset with a brilliant approach and view-point.  You can accomplish this by practicing Meditation on regular a basis.

Some may thing Meditation is for someone who has to travel to Tibet to gain spiritual knowledge or you have to be an expert at practicing it.  If you are a beginner or someone who has practiced meditation for years, this practice has proven to have many benefits in key areas of your live at any level.

A Guided Meditation has the following benefits:

Physical Benefits

  • Promotes muscle relaxation by decreasing stress
  • Improves immune system
  • Reduces Mood Swing

Emotional Benefits

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Declines panic attacks
  • Enhance sense of positivity

Spiritual Benefits

  • Openness To Love
  • Gain Clarity to hear from a higher power
  • Deeper connection to life

The benefits of guided meditation are infinite. Continuous practice of a guided meditation can help you to go deeper and deeper and discover more meaning into your life & its benefits. The more you practice, the more you’ll gain clarity of every little aspect that is happening on your life right now. The more you will learn your inner self.

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In Good Health,

Cheryl Harris
Profound Touch Mobile Spa – Owner/Founder

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The Ingredients Of A Stress-Less Champions! July 21, 2012

I’m not much of a baker, but I do know that there must be some Key ingredients that goes into making a delicious cake. When baking a cake, there are steps that must be completed as well as Must have ingredients such as sugar, butter, flour, flavoring, etc.  If any of these ingredients are missing, the taste will be compromised.  When you smell a homemade cake, you are expecting it to taste like it smells, right?

Well let’s apply this to your own personal lifestyle of being a Stress-Less Champion!  There are some key areas of your life that are vital to living this kinda of lifestyle. One that feels good, sweet, a lifestyle that flows, stress-less. I once suffered from depression, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, migraine headaches, feeling overwhelmed, mood swings and much more. I realized that I wasn’t getting much accomplished wallowing in my own pity. Here’s how I began to get on the right path of alleviating these aliments.  I started utilizing these 3 Key Ingredients to being a Stress-Less Champion!

Here We Go:

1st Ingredient:

Add A Little Flour (Rise To The Occasion) and MAKE A DECISION!

  • Hoping, Wishing and Praying is definitely a by-product of moving forward, but until you make some practical decisions regarding your overall well-being, you will NOT get what you are Hoping, Wishing & Praying for. Dreaming Is Good, Action Is Better.

2nd Ingredient

Add A Little Flavor: LEARN HOW TO SAY “NO”

  • It’s hard to say NO to those you love and care about. Especially when they depend on you. I know it’s hard to say No without feeling guilty.  Some people have become so dependent on YOU that you tend to loose yourself during this process.
  • I Am Giving You Permission To Say”No” Without Feeling Guilty! When you struggle with this daunting task, here’s what I want you to say (with a comforting smile-not creepy): “You know, that doesn’t quite work for me right now, I’ll need to get back with you later on this or revisit this at a later date”. DONE! Nothing else needs to be said.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Set Boundaries

3rd Ingredient

Add A Little Sugar: Tithe For Time!

  • We do everything for everyone else, except US. I was guilty of that just this past week. I fell behind on my household and business task. Including writing this week’s blog. I MADE A DECISION to ensure nothing would distract or disturb me from taking care of me & MY business.
  • When are you going to stop putting yourself on the back burner? After you’re hospitalized from exhaustion? Or When your body shuts down? If not today, When?
  • Here is your New Call To Action Starting Today:
  1. Take (1) One Month – Starting with this month…
  2. And of This One Month, Choose (1) One Week (Any week of the month)
  3. And of that One Week, Choose One (1) Day…(Pick a Day Sunday – Sunday)
  4. And On that (1) One Day, Pick (1) Hour…Anytime of the day
  5. And in that (1) One Hour, Do (1) One Thing…FOR YOU!!! This does NOT include your kids, grand kids, parents, husband, wife, significant others, pets, etc. This Time Is Just For YOU!  If it’s difficulty in the beginning to start with One Hour, then start with 10 minutes. A tenth is equivalent to Tithing. Just Get Started!

Once you’ve tried and tested these key ingredients of a Stress-Less Champion, I’d love to hear from you. Post your comments and feedback on the comments below!

Stay Stress-Less Champions!

Cheryl Harris
Profound Touch Mobile Spa – Owner/Founder
The Stress-Less Expert | Professional Speaker | Massage Therapist | Wellness/Mobile Spa Mentor -BIO

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In Good Health,

Cheryl Harris

The Stress-Less Expert | Massage Therapist | Professional Speaker | Wellness-Holistic/Mobile Spa Coach


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I’ve seen & heard lot over my 9 years of massage practice. From the time I enrolled in school until today! Nothing shocks me when certain things “happen” during a massage session. If you’ve ever received a really good & therapeutic massage, there are some things the body will naturally go through that you have absolutely no control over—None. Your body transitions into a more relaxed & homeostasis’ stage when receiving a massage. For example: Clients may cry, snore, laugh, pass gas, jerk, (for men)-you may have an erection; (for women) you may have an orgasm and it will have absolutely nothing to do with any sexual innuendo. Touch Is Powerful! The touch of someone’s hands could remind the client of their lovely grandmother who is no longer here and cause the client to cry. It could be tears of joy or sadness.

If you are a female massage therapist with male clients, there could be a chance the male client hasn’t had a powerful touch like your touch for “quite some time” and it doesn’t have to have a hidden agenda behind it either. There’s always energy present and as a massage therapist, we need to be present and in the moment to be able to channel that energy appropriately. Be sure that not only are you comfortable, but you must ensure your clients are comfortable with the changes occurring during their session. This can be the difference between a 1st and last time client or repeat client. Your ethics and professionalism will speak for itself.

As a massage therapist you have to set the tone for your clients. I personally protect and cover myself from any wanted or unwanted vibes (spirits) from every client I service, including my children. You never know what a person is going through and as a massage therapist; we have to be careful not to fall into the category of being a psychotherapist, clinical/mental therapist, marriage counselor or any other therapist. Your license or certificate classified you as a Trained/Skillful Massage Therapist.

Your Assignment:

To obtain your personal massage therapist, ask for a referral or recommendation if you are not familiar with massage therapists. Contact them & let them know they were referred to them by (give the name of referral) & you have never received a massage or you haven’t received a massage for some time now. At this point the therapist should be willing, open & receptive to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of services offered or any other questions about massage.  Set your massage appointment & start your Self-Care regimen today!


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